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Joint Project RAIN to be continued despite Corona Crisis

The Measurement campaign on the contamination status of various water reservoirs in Ghana has started. Even before the first heavy rainfall, the first measurements were carried out at four different locations in Accra, Ghana, at the beginning of May.

Due to the global corona pandemic, many project activities cannot be carried out as planned at present. Ghana and Germany are severely restricted by the strict protection measures of their governments. In this context, various measures have been taken in the joint project RAIN from the Client II funding measure of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), which make it possible to achieve the project goals despite the corona crisis. Among other things, a measurement campaign was initiated in coordination with the project management agency DLR and our local partner Envaserv Research Consulting (ERC) in order to maintain data collection on site. Within the scope of the measurement campaign, several water reservoirs in Accra are being investigated for their pollution load and the influence of the rainy season on water quality. The quality dynamics of surface waters is an important factor for the implementation of an intelligent water management plan in Ghana. This knowledge can be used, for example, to derive time-adjusted usage options and treatment requirements. In order to collect previously missing basic data, water samples from different water reservoirs are analysed before, during and after the rainy season. The measurement campaigns are planned for the periods April to May, June to August and November. Measurements were already carried out at four locations in Accra at the beginning of May, before the first heavy rainfall. The next measurements are planned for July. In addition to analyses of permanently existing water reservoirs, temporary water reservoirs are also being investigated.

Sampling by our local partner Envaserv Research Consult
Sampling by our local partner Envaserv Research Consult. © Envaserv Research Consult