International Partnerships for Sustainable Innovations

With the "CLIENT II - International Partnerships for Sustainable Innovations" funding initiative, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is promoting demand-oriented research collaborations with selected emerging and developing countries. The international joint projects are developing innovative and sustainable climate, energy, environmental and resource solutions which will help to address concrete challenges in the partner countries. With a total of up to 100 million euros, the development of technologies, products, services and system solutions is promoted in seven subject areas. These are then inspected on-site in practical tests. The cooperation between German and international partners from the academic and professional worlds enables solutions that are adapted to local conditions, making them marketable. This approach strengthens the competitive position of Germany and the participating partner countries. Globally, CLIENT II is making a direct contribution to the mitigation of environmental degradation, the restoration of already degraded environmental processes and the sustainable management of natural resources.

The map of the world shows all projects and their locations. You can zoom in to individual regions and countries and get more information about each project with a click of the mouse. The list view provides a view of all projects with further filtering and sorting options.

CLIENT II at a glance

KlimALEZ researchers successfully supported the launch of Mongolia’s first index insurance product for wheat growers.
The PROCEED team is very pleased to welcome CENORED as a project partner. The cooperation between the energy provider and the PROCEED team is set to provide useful insights for both sides.
Visualisierung EnerSHelF's Arbeitspakete
The EnerSHelF project team has created a visual overview of their work and the project partners.
ReKKS_Dialogue of Young Scientists
The CLIENT II project ReKKS was represented at the second International Forum "Dialogue of Young Scientists: Science Talks" organized by the National Agricultural University of Kazakhstan.
Meet the Scientist
In a video interview, the project coordinator of the ReAK project, Anna-Lisa Bachmann, explains the goals of the project, discusses the biggest challenges of the upcoming year, and reflects on how the Corona crisis has affected the project so far.
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