International Partnerships for Sustainable Innovations

With the "CLIENT II - International Partnerships for Sustainable Innovation" funding initiative, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is promoting demand-oriented research collaborations with selected emerging and developing countries. The international joint projects are developing innovative and sustainable climate, energy, environmental and resource solutions which will help to address concrete challenges in the partner countries. With a total of up to 100 million euros, the development of technologies, products, services and system solutions is promoted in seven subject areas. These are then inspected on-site in practical tests. The cooperation between German and international partners from the academic and professional worlds enables solutions that are adapted to local conditions, making them marketable. This approach strengthens the competitive position of Germany and the participating partner countries. Globally, CLIENT II is making a direct contribution to the mitigation of environmental degradation, the restoration of already degraded environmental processes and the sustainable management of natural resources.

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CLIENT II at a glance

    Interview with Dr. Katharina Haag (BestBioPLA) in the Client II video
    A new video has been produced to introduce a wider audience to the aims and objectives of the CLIENT II funding programme, which is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The video highlights the programme’s role in facilitating international cooperation to develop innovative and sustainable climate, energy, environmental and resource solutions. It also explains its pioneering approach to promoting joint research and development projects between research institutes and businesses in Germany and emerging economies or developing countries.
    Central Asian TRANSPOND project partners collaborate on laboratory work in Radeberg
    The accredited radionuclide laboratory IAF-Radioökologie GmbH in Radeberg near Dresden, which coordinates the CLIENT II project TRANSPOND, organised a joint placement for Kyrgyz and Uzbek radiochemists from 11 to 15 November 2019.
    Central Asian and German parters meet at WISUTEC Umwelttechnik GmbH
    WISUTEC Umwelttechnik GmbH invited project partners from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to Germany for a workshop about the latest progress in developing the transnational environmental information system within the framework of the TRANSPOND project.
    German Science Day, Hanoi 2019
    Strong German-Vietnamese cooperation on sustainability research: on 30 October 2019, the third German-Vietnamese Science Day took place in Hanoi. Around 200 participants from the academic, private, and public sectors and intermediary organizations presented a wide variety of bilateral projects on sustainability research.
    Teilnehmende des SHRIMPS-Projektauftakts vor einer geschlossenen Aquakulturanlage des Partners Viet Uc Seafood Corporation in Bac Lieu, Vietnam.© Roland Keil, DLR Projektträger // Participants at the SHRIMPS project launch in front of a closed aquaculture facility run by project partner Viet Uc Seafood Corporation in Bac Lieu, Vietnam.© Roland Keil, DLR Projektträger
    On 4 and 5 November, German and Vietnamese partners, along with the local BMBF project office in Vietnam, project-executing agency DLR and local stakeholders, launched the project "SHRIMPS" ("Solar-Aquaculture Habitats as Resource-Efficient and Integrated Multilayer Production Systems") in the Mekong Delta.
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