The "CLIENT II - International Partnerships for Sustainable Innovation" funding measure is part of the framework program FONA³ - Research for Sustainable Development of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The funding focuses on application-oriented joint research projects in the areas of resources, energy, climate, the environment and development with the aim of reducing environmental impact, making sustainable use of resources and creating access to clean energy.

All funded projects are supported by the Client2Works accompanying scientific project as well as by targeted coordination, networking and general public relations work. In addition, accompanying project Science-Policy Interface (SPI) ensures that the project results become part of the international environmental dialogue. Local contact points are project offices in Central Asia, Vietnam and China.

Fördermaßnahme CLIENT II

Thematic and regional priorities for funding

The majority of the funded projects are research and development projects. The projects consist of alliances of universities, companies and non-university research institutions, which are intended to ensure a link between industry, research and other areas of society. In addition to the funding provided, a significant economic participation is planned, as new markets are to be opened up for German environmental technology providers. Cooperation with local partners is particularly important in order to ensure successful exploitation in the respective partner country. Each project in the funding program must therefore always include at least one partner from the respective partner country.
Forschung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung

Research for Sustainable Development Framework Program (FONA)

Since 2005, the Research for Sustainable Development (FONA) framework program has promoted research for future-oriented action and innovative solutions for a sustainable society. With the now third framework program FONA³, this sustainability research in Germany is receiving further support from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The focus is on making the actions of all people more sustainable and systematically involving them in the research and dissemination of results. FONA³ systematically links education for sustainable development with research. Successful research should be supported until it can establish itself as a mainstream innovation.
Wissenschaftliches Begleitvorhaben Client2works

Accompanying Projects and Regional Support

In addition to the central Client2Works accompanying project for the funding measure, the CLIENT II joint projects are supported by regional project offices in Vietnam, China and Central Asia in cross-border networking and transfer activities in the priority countries and regions. The accompanying project "Science-Policy Interface: Synthesis of project results and linking with processes of global environmental policy and their economic environment " also ensures that the results become part of the international environmental dialogue.