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Das Projektteam und Michael Kersting freuen sich auf die zukünftige Zusammenarbeit (v.l.n.r. Florian Empl, Prof. Dr. Stefan Pelz, Joseph Yankyera Kusi, Michael Kersting, Ralf Müller und Felix Kwame Ayenyebo)

Level-Up: Hermann Sewerin GmbH provides gas analysis device

Hermann Sewerin GmbH donated a Multitec 545 gas analyser to the Level-Up project. It will support the analysis of biogas and biomass gasification product gases and thus enable safe plant commissioning and efficient regular operation of the energy park in Ghana.

On 26 July 2023, a representative of Hermann Sewerin GmbH from Gütersloh (Germany) handed over a gas analyser type Multitec 545 to the project team. The Multitec 545 enables the consortium to analyse various product gases directly in Ghana at the Level-Up energy park. Among other things, methane, CO2 and CO concentrations can be measured. Sewerin is providing the Multitec 545 free of charge for the duration of the project, thus supporting safe plant operation. The device also enables testing of the various uses of residual materials in the contextual framework of the region.


Bild 1: Das LevelUp-Projektteam testet das Multitec 545
Image 1: The Level-Up project team tests the Multitec 545 © HFR

During the meeting, Mr Kersting, representative of Sewerin GmbH, explained how to use the gas analyser. Among other things, the function of the Multitec 545 could already be tested successfully with the help of a leak detection attachment in the currently running fermentation tests in the biogas laboratory.

During a tour of the laboratory and pilot plant, the project team presented the various research facilities. Project leader Prof. Dr Stefan Pelz thanked Mr Kersting warmly on behalf of all participants for the generous support. Mr Kersting was impressed by the research facilities at HFR and invited the project team to visit his company’s headquarters in Gütersloh.

Bild 2: Projektleiter Prof. Dr. Stefan Pelz (links) nimmt das Multitec 545 Gasmessgerät von Herrn Michael Kersting (Hermann Sewerin GmbH, rechts) entgegen
Image 2: Project leader Prof. Dr Stefan Pelz (left) accepts the Multitec 545 gas measuring device from Mr Michael Kersting (Hermann Sewerin GmbH, right) © HFR

The project now enters the crucial phase of preparation as the plant components are being packed into containers for transport to Ghana. Preparatory work is already underway at the partner university UENR in Sunyani to be able to set up the “Waste-to-Energy” park upon arrival.

Further information on the project can be found here.