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RIESGOS demonstrator and web services in open source

The source code of the RIESGOS demonstrator is now available on GitHub, a platform for creating and managing collaborative and free software.

The demonstrator for a multi-risk information system is based on a modular and scalable concept. Web services can be combined and managed in a targeted manner, so that a potential user of the demonstrator can independently analyze and evaluate different multi-risk scenarios. An important added value of this modular and interoperable approach is the possibility to integrate different web services into already existing system environments.

The publication of the source code allows the individual use and further development of the RIESGOS framework. At the same time, existing web services can be extended by new freely available services, thus increasing the number of components. Furthermore, the discussion on modelling cascade effects in complex multi-risk situations will be stimulated.

Further news about RIESGOS can be found here.