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Our ghanaian partner, Envaserv, carried out the measuring campaign on four pilot sites in Accra

Measuring campaign in the joint project RAIN to be finalized

In cooperation with our Ghanaian partner, the last measurement campaign was carried out at four pilot sites in Accra, Ghana.

The last measuring campaign has been successfully conducted in the pilot regions of Accra during the end of rainy season in Ghana from November to December 2020. Our partner Envaserv took samples from the four permanent water retention areas, that were already sampled during the first two measuring campaigns and analyzed them with regard to their water quality. In addition, three temporary rainwater retention areas were sampled.

The samples of the third measuring campaign were examined regarding their pollution load and the diluting influence of the rainy season, just like the first two campaigns before. The results obtained will be compared to those of the first and second measuring campaigns, which took place from April to May and June to July 2020, respectively.

Those measurements and analyses enable us to establish an understanding for the influence of dry and rainy season on the water quality of retention areas and to determine the state of these water bodies. These findings will be the essential basis for establishing a qualitative water management plan, which should contribute to a holistic sustainable and climate change-adapted development in the region.

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